At Ashva Technologies, we specialize in innovative PACS software that streamlines radiology workflows.

Harnessing the power of advanced technology, we enable radiology practices and healthcare institutions to elevate their diagnostic capabilities.

Our solutions improve accuracy and efficiency, making us a trusted partner in the radiology industry. From image storage and secure sharing to intelligent reporting, Ashva provides a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern radiology.

PACS Development
  • One of India's top 5 PACS companies
  • 20+ years of passionate service
  • 4000+ installations around the world, and counting
  • Affordable Radiology Solutions
  • Acquire, store/archive, view, report, convert, distribute
  • Specialised applications for specific requirements
  • Products developed with the end user's productivity in mind
  • Experience & Passion
  • 20+ years of quality software development
  • Extensive domain knowledge and software expertise in DICOM/HL7
  • Functionality driven applications at really affordable prices
  • 20Years’ Experience in Radiology

    We love PACS and it shows in our work


    For the very specific Radiology domain,
    we have specialised products for specific needs

    A complete PACS solution receiving and storing medical data from various modalities and secondary capture devices
    A multifunctional diagnostic workstation solution to seamlessly integrates DICOM modalities within your radiology department
    A comprehensive patient management solution acting as a centralized hub for images and reports for Ultrasound
    A secure and reliable router for seamlessly transferring medical data between DICOM devices
    A powerful worklist generator that works in a HIS/RIS with seamless HL7 integration capabilities
    A DICOM Media Distributor designed to interact with disc publishing systems like RIMAGE and Primera
    A simple workstation solution that integrates DICOM and Non-DICOM modalities within your PACS setup
    Join us in shaping the future of radiology and witness the transformative impact our solutions bring to clinics, hospitals, and radiology departments worldwide.
    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly advancing field of radiology.
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    What do people praise about Ashvatech?

    Dr. Patel
    Radiology Associates of Northern Indiana, Indiana
    Edge PACS has proven to be as powerful as PACS systems costing 10 times as much. The ability to access the system through a diagnostic quality web based viewer has allowed us to read our studies from anywhere in the world. Ashvatech has stood behind their product. Their engineers have worked closely with us to customize the system to our specific needs. This type of close relationship cannot be found with other large PACS companies. We look forward to a long relationship with this company.
    Daniel E. Cronk
    PACS Admin,U of MN, Vet Hospital
    I have been extremely satisfied with both the level of attention received from both the team in India as well as the team now located in the USA office. When problems arise they are dealt with in a quick manner or there is some indication as to a timeline, though I have experienced very few problems. Keep up the excellent work on a wonderful product.
    Dr.Umesh K.
    MD.DMRD.,Consultant Radiologist & Sonologist
    We're using the image management software iMagic from Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This software is very easy to operate and has advanced features that help us generate our daily reports of Ultrasound scans. The service from Ashva is very good and the software is very sturdy and reliable.
    Dr. Amel Anthony
    MD, DNB, MNAMS, Consultant Radiologist, Institute of Radiology & Imaging Sciences
    We use RADiON software from Ashva in our Imaging Institute for networking and remote reporting, including wireless connections on laptop. The software is integrated with SIEMENS MAGNETOM C! (0.35 T OPEN MRI) and SIEMENS EMOTION (Advanced Single Slice Spiral CT). Our Ultrasound system uses iMagic from the same company, and recommend these softwares to other Imaging Institutes.
    Padmashree Diagnostics, Bangalore
    We're satisfied with the iMagic software from Ashva because it's very easy to operate. One of its advanced features includes the Automatic Image Storage in date-wise folders, which helps us review images at the end of the day. The software also has other modules like key image comparison, and we can export important images to PowerPoint presentations for conferences. The service support is excellent.